Is World of Where still in development?
Yes, a major update to World of Where (version 4) is in its final stages of development. It has been rewritten from the ground up, and will be available in Q1 2012 from Acqualia and on the Mac App Store. You will be notified by email when World of Where 4 ships if you are a registered user.
Will I get a free upgrade to World of Where 4?
If you purchased World of Where 3 after June 30, 2011 you will receive a free upgrade to World of Where 4 by email when it ships.
Does World of Where work on Mac OS 10.7 Lion?
Yes, the current version (3.9) works on Mac OS 10.7 Lion, and the upcoming World of Where 4 will take advantage of many of its great features.
What about iOS support?
It's something we'd love to do after releasing World of Where 4 for Mac.
I just purchased World of Where, but I have not received my serial number.
You should have received it within a minute of your purchase, as it is an automatic process. If you do not, it may have got caught in you junkmail filter. If you email us and we do not respond within 24 hours, your email address may be blocking our mail (this happens sometimes and gosh its frustrating!). Please try emailing us from an alternate address.
I purchased your software WEEKS ago! I have been checking my letterbox every day and I have not had one package from you.
World of Where is shareware, which means it is distributed exclusively over the internet. You can actually try a test on Europe for free so download World of Where and give it a go. If you like the look of it you can purchase a serial number, which will unlock the rest of the world.
I lost my serial number.
Email us and we'll dig it out for you
My serial number is not working.
Make sure your name and serial number is EXACTLY the same as it appears in your registration email. Make sure 0's are 0's and not O's and that there are no inconspicuous spaces where there shouldn't be.
I have a really great idea for how to improve your software.
Terrific, please tell us about it.